Computing Skills

  • Experience with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Programming in C++, C, Visual Basic (and BASIC).
  • Scripting in bash, Windows shell, perl, and Python.
  • Basic experience of HTML and CSS.
  • Modelling using the radiation transport codes MCNP and Geant4 as well as SRIM/TRIM.
  • Use of the theoretical nuclear physics code TWOFNR, in order to produce comparisons with experimental data.
  • Use of the Office suite, for data analysis (Excel), writing (Word), and presentations (Powerpoint). I also have experience with the Apple software Keynote, for presentations, and the type-setting software LaTeX, which I used to write my PhD thesis and papers, as well as using LaTeX and Beamer to produce posters and presentations.
  • Production of publication-quality figures using Grace and Gnuplot.
  • Experience working in IT support; fixing hardware and software issues, building computer systems, and sourcing quotes for new technical equipment.

Organisational Skills

  • Organising a Christmas meal for a group of academics at short notice, while also writing my PhD thesis and a research paper.
  • Organising nuclear physics group meetings, including internal and external speakers, and a tour of a nearby facility.
  • Organising my own travel and accommodation for research conferences and experiments.
  • Being part of a society committee.
  • Being on the Student-Staff liaison committee, as an undergraduate.
  • Certifications in PRINCE2 project management (Foundation and Practitioner).

Teaching Skills

  • Contributing to outreach events.
  • Presenting short lectures on introductions to radiation physics, Monte Carlo methods, MCNP and Geant4 to industry collaborators.
  • Helping undergraduate students with summer projects, on modelling of a detection system and naturally occurring radiation.
  • Working as a Student Teaching Assistant in undergraduate- and MSc-level teaching laboratories.
  • Helping MSc students with a short project, characterising a detector.
  • Voluntary work helping in lessons at the local High School, while I was doing my A Levels.

Communication Skills

  • Presenting my work at national and international physics conferences, both in posters and talks.
  • Producing and presenting a poster to non-scientists at the University of Surrey’s Post-Graduate Research conference (2012 and 2014).
  • Working as part of large collaborations, helping to ensure communication between shifts occurs; passing on comments and solutions to problems.
  • Writing scientific papers for peer-reviewed journals.

Teamwork Skills

  • As part of several large multi-institution, international collaborations, taking shifts to help to ensure the safe running of experiments.
  • Leading a small group of students on a night shift, ensuring the safe running of an experiment between midnight and 8 am.
  • Helping to assemble an array of detectors, including the structural components and electronics.
  • Working with collaborators in industry, in order to ensure project goals are both relevant to commercial aims, and delivered on time.