About Me

I’m Emma, and this is my online CV/personal webpage, which has somehow developed into a (work-in-progress) guide to Geant4. Thanks for coming to look around!

I’ve recently finished working at Lancaster University, UK, as a postdoctoral research associate in radiation detection. This involved the modelling of shielding and detectors using MCNP and Geant4. Hoping to find a new role in radiation modelling soon!  I am currently spending my time learning Python with Codecademy and German with Duolingo, as well as reading up on neutron emission in nuclear fission and expanding my cooking repertoire.

An overview of the skills I have developed thus far in my career can be seen in the Skills tab.

My PhD thesis is available online, for anyone who cares to look, as is my MSc dissertation. I have also written three peer-reviewed papers (1), (2), (3) on my PhD work, and have written a paper on my postdoc work at Lancaster University.